Healthy Summer Tips - 10 Health Tips for a Healthy Summer

As summer is nearing, it is our duty to follow some of the natural health tips for summer to make ourselves live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Here in this article, i am going to post a few important tips for a healthy summer. I do hope this article will reach many of them and will get benefited.

Healthy Tips for a Healthy Summer:

1. Protect your skin:

It is very important to protect your skin from the direct Sun's UV, Ultra violet rays. You can use a sun-cream lotion for protecting your skin from the UV rays. Just consult your family doctors and get a good sun cream lotion that makes your skin not damage from the sun. Avoid being under sun for more number of hours. Just try to take your umbrella while going out and must apply to sun cream lotion on your skin to avoid skin problems like rashes, dryness and etc. Read more for Skin care health tips

2. Drink more water:

As this season is very hot, try to add more quantity of waters. Drinking water is very much helpful for the body that you will not be dehydrated quickly. Drinking less water may harm your body and you will get tired and could not concentrate on the work which you do.

3. Intake of Fruits:

Doctor's advice is to take as much as fruits. Intake of more fruits will help you in making you fresh throughout the day. Try to eat as much as fruits that have rich vitamins and minerals that help you making healthier day by day.

4. Exercise daily:

Instead of going to Gym and do a work out, you can do exercise by at home itself. Just try to practice yoga daily in the morning, while will help you in keeping you fresh throughout the day. Morning exercise will help you in making your mind relaxed and you will be concentrating more on the jobs.

5. Swim daily:

As this season is so hot, you can practice yourself in getting wet, by going to swim daily for 10 to 15 minutes. This will make you fresh and will help you in blood circulation.

6. Usage of Olive Oil:

As you all know that Olive oil is rich in fatty acids, which helps your skin from UV damages. Apply in your body that moisture your body and loses heat and sweat in the summer season.

7. Protect your Hair:

Make use of the anti-chlorine shampoo which will help you neutralizing the chlorine content from your hair. If possible don’t use the heating products. 

8. Fill your ice-box:

As the sun is beating down, you need to fill your ice box with full of ice, bottled water, yoghurts etc.

9. Gardening:

Try to change your hobby as summer started. A healthy tips to cool your body in this summer season is Gardening. Practice yourself in planting some herbs and watering daily. This will make your be more relaxed.

10. Avoid Alcohol:

Avoid using coffee, beverages and other alcoholic drinks. Just make soft drinks which contain rich minerals and vitamins that will help you in making you cool.

Friends, i hope this article on Health tips for a healthy summer will be more beneficial for the users.

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